How to make a model?

Taking about 3D printer, A lot of people thought it can make "toy", of course it also can make model..and it came with business opportunity. 

The famous Facebook blogger: Bonbon 蹦蹦:汪喵?  <-------click it to see it!!


They are manage their blog for a long time, more than 13 thousands fans follow them. They want to make a cute Mix dog. Finally they draw 3D model after several weeks. 


By one chance, they contact Mastech 3D printer, and ask us the help them to print it out. Thus we use slice software to transform program file, and add support on the hollow layer. Besides, we can see how long and how many filament needs to cost. 

slice the file

After that, just save program to SD card, printer by 3D printer.

Cut the support material by tools. And done it. 

Mastech 3D printer
Mastech 3D printer
Mastech 3D printer
Mastech 3D printer